Monday, January 4, 2010

great news/sad news

I have just noticed that it has been two month since I have written anything on my blog. What have I done in two months. Well I ran the Rt. 66 marathon here in Tulsa, and then about two weeks later I ran the Las Vegas marathon. The Vegas marathon course was great, and very beautiful. It was cold but after a few miles I got to were I could stand it. I do have some complaints about the marathon though, I never saw a medical tent (good thing I didn't need one.) there was no food on course, and the only thing that they had to drink was water and some really nasty sports drink called cytomax. After finishing you did get your finishers medal but there were no finishers shirts. I had to buy my own that was just a plain t-shirt that says 26.2 mile finisher Rock and roll Las Vegas. I am not sure if I will run this one again or not. I will differently not get to run it this year which brings me to my next point......I just found out that my husband and I will be having a baby late Aug. So I will be knocked out of marathons+ for awhile. But that's okay it will be well worth it. The bad news is that I have already signed up to run the OKC full marathon at the end of April. I swear that one is cursed for me, this will be attempt number 3 and no go. But I was thinking that if there were some runners out there that might be in the same boat I am (not being able to run a full) I thought that I might be able to walk a small leg of the relay. If there is anyone interested in this or if you know some one that is please let me know. I really don't want to walk 26.2 miles ( I would much rather run it)


Sandra said...

Congratulations!!!! so excited for you!!

Candice said...


I saw someone walking the half in OKC a couple years ago, and she had to have been 6 or 7 months preggo... I hoped that I could do that during my pregnancy, but even 3 miles took everything I had!

Best of luck during this special time! It's rough, but oh so worth it!!

Cassy Russell said...

OMG, that's fantastic! Having a baby, that is, not that you are thrice cursed running OKC. Many congratulations!